First impressions are everything when selling your home

FRESNO, Calif. (KFSN) -- Whether it is a first date or a job interview, first impressions matter. The same is true when selling a house.

To get a buyer through the door, you have to impress them with what is outside. But doing so does not have to be costly.

One of the most important things home buyers look for is curb appeal.

To increase your curb appeal, try a new coat of paint on the front door, trim and shutters to make your home look brand new.

Zillow found that homes with black or charcoal Grey front doors sold for about 62 hundred dollars more last year. Most exterior paints only cost $30 per gallon.

Next, regularly mowing the grass and getting rid of weeds can add instant curb appeal. And if you do it yourself, it costs nothing but your time.

To make your lawn look even greener in a jiffy, there is nontoxic, environmentally-safe green lawn spray paint that is specially formulated for grass. You can buy a quart of lawn paint for less than $40.

You can turn the nozzle on your garden hose to the highest setting and aim it at your house to wash off dirt and grime from your sidewalk, driveway and exterior walls.

Using your own garden hose costs nothing, but if you want to rent a professional power washer, it can cost $40 to $75 a day.

Experts say giving your house that good wash can boost your home price by $15,000.

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