Rescued dog travels 1,000 miles to become therapy animal

ByM'ballu Tejan-Sie KFSN logo
Tuesday, March 6, 2018
Rescued dog travels 1,000 miles to become therapy animal
This "gentle giant" that was rescued from the streets of Los Angeles is now working to become a therapy dog.

LOS ANGELES -- A homeless dog known as the "gentle giant" has a new lease on life after he was rescued off the streets of Los Angeles.

Hope for Paws, a Beverly Hills based nonprofit dedicated to rescuing animals, found the stray Newfoundland that was underweight and in poor health due to life on the streets.

Rescuers had to bribe the starving canine with a cheeseburger in order to win his trust. The dog received a bath and medical treatment at a recovery center. His rescuers decided to name him Everest.

After a few days in the care of Hope of Paws, an adoption application was received from a family 1,000 miles away in Oregon.

Everest flew 2.5 hours to meet his new family, which includes two dogs named Bonnie and Clyde. Everest will begin training as a therapy dog like his brother, fellow Newfoundland, Clyde.

The family hopes Everest and Clyde will bring smiles to children's hospitals together.