How to handle harassment at work

Sexual harassment in the workplace is not only happening in the entertainment industry, it can happen anywhere.

Eyewitness News spoke with Jamie Belinne, the assistant dean of the Career Center at UH Bauer College of Business.

Belinne offered these tips on how to tell if you're being harassed, what to do about it and also best practices in the workplace:

Have you been harassed?
If someone has forced you to have sex or perform sexual acts. Also, anyone who has verbally harassed you, touched you inappropriately, undressed you or undressed in front of you without your permission.

How to report harassment.
If a victim has been raped or assaulted, lawyers say reporting it to police quickly is best.

Those not comfortable with coming forward immediately can still take steps to document the incident privately:
Write down what happened or tell a close friend or loved one. Having a record of what happened can help substantiate the story if a victim decides to come forward later.

The number one thing to know if you decide to see HR? HR supports the interest of the company and deciding if company policy has been broken, not necessarily to be your personal counselor.

Take these tips to work.
  • Don't initiate physical contact other than handshakes without permission.
  • Don't date or attempt to date co-workers.
  • Don't make comments that sexualize your co-workers/employees.
  • Don't compliment or stare at bathing suit areas.
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