Can this headband help you sleep? Most popular sleep hacks when you're stressed

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Wednesday, December 16, 2020
Sleep tips for when you're stressed
There's a ton of sleep remedies but, which ones actually work?

NEW YORK CITY -- If you are struggling with sleep right now... you are definitely not alone. Millions of Americans struggled with insomnia even before the stress of a global pandemic.

I personally deal with anxiety and I either struggle to fall asleep or I can't stay asleep because my mind is racing.

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So, what can you do?

There's a lot of remedies out there, so of course, I tried out the most popular ones. From a headband, you can sleep in - to supplements and behavioral tips to the whole essential oil craze.

To really get a better understanding, I spoke to neurologist Dr. Eric Nofzinger; founder and Chief Medical Officer of Ebb Therapeutics.

"My claim to fame is developing brain imaging methods to understand the mind and what the brain is doing when we sleep at nighttime," said Dr. Eric Nofzinger.

After studying the effects of sleep for the last 20 years, he created the Ebb sleep device. It's a headband you can wear to sleep that literally stops racing thoughts.

It cools the part of your brain, the frontal cortex, that stays on overdrive even when our heads hit the pillow.

I know, it sounds kind of crazy -- but think about how cooler temperatures decrease inflammation. Cryotherapy helps heals your body with this notion, the Ebb sleep device applies it to your brain!

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If you're not ready to sleep with a band around your head, there's a lot of other sleep remedies to try first.

I learned some helpful behavioral changes like putting my phone on 'do not disturb' each night makes a big difference. I also started taking magnesium supplements, which surprisingly helped my stress levels.

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Check out the full episode to learn more... if you're struggling to sleep - there may be one that's perfect for you!

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