Kerman family clinging onto their faith after home and church destroyed in wildfire

FRESNO, Calif. (KFSN) -- As the Camp Fire's path of destruction grows by the minute, a Kerman family is clinging onto their faith for comfort.

"Knowing there is a purpose for everything we're trying to get the right perspective. Not a glass half empty but for a glass half full," said Pastor John Willman.

It was just six months ago that Pastor Willman, his wife and three kids moved to the town of Paradise to take over the new life apostolic church.

"We're just trying to adjust to things and all these emotions of losing everything all the pictures the baby books. Trying to keep together," said Willman.

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As the campfires path of destruction grows by the minute a Kerman family is clinging onto their faith for comfort.

After the Camp Fire erupted Thursday morning, Pastor Willman and his wife grabbed their kids, dog and all they could at a moment's notice not leaving them with much but the clothes on their backs and necessities.

As flames inched closer to them, what should have been a half hour drive on the main road out took four hours.

"We were really panicking when we saw the flames, and it just was panic mode all throughout the inch by inch bumper to bumper traffic," said Pastor Willman.

But many couldn't get out.

Fresno Fire Captain Koby Johns is one of more than a dozen Fresno firefighters working the campfire.

"We're finding a lot of people, so that's extremely hard, it's hard for everyone," said Johns.

Cpt. Johns says though containment numbers are starting to rise so will acreage and the amount of devastation.

"It has been 209 days since this area has received more than a half an inch of rain," said Johns.
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