Fresno woman on mission to find kidney donors for husband and grandma

FRESNO, Calif. (KFSN) -- Drivers in Fresno might wonder what the story is behind certain stickers proudly displayed on dozens of vehicles around town.

They were created by 31-year-old Vanessa Diaz and reads, "Kidney Needed: Type O."

But what the decals don't say is that Vanessa's kidney search is twice as vital.

Her husband, Timothy Trotter, as well as her grandmother, Frances Quintero, both have polycystic kidney disease, are receiving dialysis treatment and in dire need of Type O donors.

"These two people that are close to me, both need this organ to survive and it's like, what do we do," Vanessa said.

This is how the idea for the decals came to be. The wait for a kidney could be up to eight years, and Vanessa hopes to make two matches happen for her loved ones sooner.

"There are so many different criteria that you have to meet just right to be a perfect match and unfortunately, we haven't come across that person yet or those people," she said.

Multiple family members and friends failed to be a match, but they have helped to spread the word to complete strangers willing to give the gift of life.

"I am hopeful because we have gotten many responses," Vanessa said.

As a result of the car stickers and magnets, 10 people have tried but been unsuccessful at being a kidney match for Timothy or Frances.

But Vanessa is staying optimistic.

"Somebody put it on Twitter and that got almost 3,000 retweets, so I am hopeful that this will help us find a donor before that eight-year timeline," she said.

If you think you could be a match and want more information, visit the ShareYourSpare 2020 Facebook page.

"You can live full healthy lives with one kidney," Vaness said. "The screening is so intense that the transplant center will not take your kidney if they didn't think you could live a long, healthy life with your remaining kidney."
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