Tachi Palace reaches agreement to expand in Kings County

FRESNO, Calif. (KFSN) -- Tachi Palace is about to go bigger.

The Santa Rosa Rancheria Tachi-Yokut Tribe recently signed an intergovernmental agreement with Kings County to allow the tribe to expand their hotel and casino -- and in exchange -- the county will get improved infrastructure and a new fire station in the area.

"We want to continue our working relationship because it's based on trust and communication with the county, so this is just part of the on-going process with Kings County," said Tribal Chairman Leo Sisco.

Under the new agreement, the Tribe will fund a new fire station and regional training facility at the northeast corner of 17th and Kansas near the casino.

The deal also calls for the Tribe to assist with staffing and equipment costs.

"This proposal that the Tribe has brought to us and was approved is a fantastic day for Kings County Fire. We're actually moving a station into a location where it better serves the community, better serves the Tribe needs and surrounding community," said Kings County Fire Chief William Lynch.

County Supervisor Doug Verboon calls the agreement a win-win for both sides

"This is a great opportunity for Kings County and Tachi Hotel and Casino. It shows we know how to work together as a team and we've built a really good foundation to work together in the future," said Supervisor Verboon.

In addition, the Tribe intends to increase the casino's footprint to include additional gaming space, a 200-room hotel tower, as well as a new bingo hall that will double as an event center.

The tribe also plans to add 24 pumps to its existing gas station and expand the Tribe's housing community and water treatment facility.

"The fact that I was here when they opened up the tent and had bingo gaming here 20 years ago, I saw what they could do in 20 years. That's a short amount of time to be where they're at today. And if they do the same thing from here on out, I can't imagine at how big it's going to be and how great its going to be for our community," said Supervisor Verboon.

The two sides are scheduled to meet again next month to determine when construction might begin.

The expansion project is expected to add upwards of 100 new jobs to the area.
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