Kingsburg sees surge in new businesses from bakeries to coffee shops

KINGSBURG, Calif. (KFSN) -- Kingsburg is known for its Swedish roots, old town charm, and now a growing number of specialty shops.

"There's a lot more different business coming up, it's getting a lot bigger. I think we're getting a lot more stuff come in that makes downtown something people want to come to," said Brandon Lamborn of Bella bakery.

Brandon Lamborn and his wife opened Bella bakery in the heart of downtown Kingsburg this past winter. They sell handmade treats from muffins to cookies and even wedding cakes.

Another well-known Valley business is providing caffeine and happiness to Kingsburg. Kuppa Joy Coffee House recently opened up a coffee shop along Draper.

"I said at the end of the day alright God we're growing a company so to go 30 minutes south that's going to take a lot of manpower so you better bring me a building where the owners need to be architects and contractors and they need to build it for me. I gave Him the impossible," said Zach Follett, Kuppa Joy.

The impossible fell into place and Kuppa joy moved into the space months later.

"I love it. I think it's great more things are coming downtown so we're not having to drive to Visalia or Fresno, everything's coming here," said Carly Rodgers, Kingsburg resident about the new local businesses.

The city has offered incentives to owners to help with costs in setting up businesses. The surge in companies have help with increased sales tax, but also improved the quality of life.

"We've had over 25 new businesses come to town in the last 12-18 months so we are pretty proud of that," said Alex Henderson, Kingsburg city manager.

There's also a push to provide a downtown living. We got an inside look at the refurbished Lofts above Kuppa joy. The five units were just remodeled and are almost all rented out. They give residents a balcony view of nearby restaurants and the town.

And there are more businesses to come. The old Bank of America business has been purchased and there's talk about retail or living options. Across the way, a storefront could be an eatery. City leaders say they're excited about their future.
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