Kmart supervisor delivers tearful goodbye poem as Pa. store closes after 55 years

A Pennsylvania supervisor delivered her familiar "attention Kmart shoppers" one final time in an emotional poem over the intercom as the store closed after 55 years.

Lisa Wilson said the tearful goodbye in the New Kensington store on Sunday as the Kmart closed its doors for good.

Here's Wilson's ode to Kmart and its customers:

"Attention Kmart shoppers: The time now is 6 p.m. and the night has come that's bittersweet.
The New Kensington Kmart will no longer be the place to meet.
Many loyal customers have shared good memories about our store.
And we will always hold them dear even after they lock our door.
Take time to say goodbye to your Kmart family, some have been here almost as long as the fixtures.

And, yes, there is rumors there is even some very old pictures.
As to my co-workers, you no longer need to make the store sparkle and shine.
As we all go our separate ways, I hope the bond that we share will not be left behind.
We can be proud that our Kmart made it just shy of 55 years.
As we leave this final time, I'm sure there will be laughter, hugs, and few tears.

Here's to one last time of: 'Security, clear the floor.' Our New Kensington Kmart store is no more.
Good night, y'all."

The chains' financial woes have dragged on over the past years with unsuccessful attempts to adapt to increasing online competition.

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