VIDEO: Man dragged down highway during road rage incident

LAWRENCEVILLE, Ga. -- Dash cam video captured a terrifying road rage incident where an 18-year-old man was put in a headlock and dragged down a stretch of highway in Georgia.

The video shows 36-year-old Emmitt Grubbs pulling in front of the teen's vehicle and exiting his car after a collision. He then allegedly runs up to the vehicle and punches the man in the face through his open window.

Grubbs then takes the man's keys and walks back into his own vehicle.

The teen told Gwinnett County Police that he ran after Grubbs with a baseball bat to get his keys back. But as he approached, Grubbs can be seen reaching out from his window and pulling him into a headlock before accelerating down the road.

Police said the teen was able to free himself and walk back to his vehicle, uninjured.

Grubbs was arrested for robbery, aggravated assault, and aggressive driving.
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