Lazy Dog celebrates grand opening in Northwest Fresno

FRESNO, Calif. (KFSN) -- With applause an cheers The Lazy Dog staff welcomed their restaurant to Northwest Fresno. Guests made their way inside for the first time. Some on two legs, others on four.

As the name of the restaurant implies, dogs are also allowed to eat here. This was perfect for 11-year old Christine Sorensen, who had lunch with her dog Muffin.

"Usually when we go places Muffin isn't really with us and I like that she is with us right now," she said.

Shawn Montes Regional culinary director said they're going for a handcrafted feel. They have food options for both man and his best friend.

"We have pot roast and meatloaf, but having a twist on them to kind of elevate the dining experience for the guest," said Montes.

A wide selection of beers are on tap including six made by the restaurant.

"We have our own handcrafted lazy dog beers, so those are actually our own recipes," said Montes.

Montes said the unique decor is meant to transport you somewhere else.

"It's based on Jackson Wyoming theme," he said. "Rocky mountains, after skiing and you're coming down or after going on a hike you have the lodge."

They're bringing more than just a new dining option to Fresno's food scene. They've also added hundreds of new jobs.

"When you walk into the restaurant we have the tower which is kind of a based off of a ranger station up in the mountains," said Montes.

You can check out Lazy Dog all week long. Hours vary, but they're always open until midnight.
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