Life Time ditches cable news in gyms for "family-oriented environment"

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Saturday, January 6, 2018
Life Time ditches cable news in gyms
News junkies who work out at Life Time gyms across the country are up in arms after the company blacked out cable news networks from its televisions.

CHANHASSEN, Minn. -- News lovers need to find a new channel to watch while working out at one popular fitness chain that has completely removed cable news from its lineup.

Minnesota-based Life Time confirmed that it removed channels like CNN, MSNBC, Fox News and CNBC "to provide family-oriented environments free of consistently negative or politically charged content" at its 128 locations.

"It always is our goal to meet the majority of members' expressed requests and we believe this change is consistent with the desires of overall membership as well as our healthy way of life philosophy," the company said in a statement posted on Twitter.

According to the Minneapolis Star Tribune, USA, A&E, Discovery, HGTV and ESPN remain available, as do local television stations.

Social media reaction to the decision was mixed, with some users thanking Life Time for a gym environment that helps them "escape from the news of the real world."

Others called foul on the change, with one member pointing out that the remaining channels air programming that is not family-oriented and another claiming that "adults can handle the news."

ABC News contributed to this report.