Residents of senior community share messages of positivity amid COVID-19

LOS ANGELES -- Residents at the Emerald Court Senior Living Community in Anaheim, California are sharing messages of hope and gratitude on social media.

The residents are staying positive despite being among the most vulnerable during the coronavirus pandemic.

"Survival depends on accepting what life expects of us, even in the worst of human suffering," said Kenny Bloomfield, a resident at Emerald Court.

Jackie Jackson, another resident of the community said, "Let's keep it up gang. Wash your hands, do what you can do."

"I really have gotten a lot of positive things from my neighbors and friends," said resident Jim Hetrick.

Emerald Court resident Desiree Engel shared excitement for celebrating her 99th birthday. Rusty Young expressed her gratitude toward the staff, sending them "many, many elbow hugs" for keeping them fed and safe.