Neighbors come together to feed stranded truck drivers during snowstorm

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Friday, February 19, 2021
Neighbors get stranded truck drivers a hot meal
Even in the middle of a snowstorm, neighbors from a small town in Louisiana came together to help a group of stranded truck drivers in their town.

Haughton, LA. -- Neighbors in Haughton, a small town near Shreveport, Louisiana, came together to feed stranded semi-truck drivers on February 17, amid winter conditions in the state.

Parts of Interstate 20 and other major roads were closed because of the dangerous travel conditions, local media reported.

Brandy Mercer captured the video and shared the footage on TikTok, saying that she and a few of her neighbors were hanging out during the snowstorm when a few of the men in the group decided to go to their local convenience store to buy beer. That's when they spotted the stranded drivers.

"They saw what was happening and we took action," Mercer said. "I posted the video and the community came together and started feeding everyone in the area. It was beautiful to watch."

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