North Fork community comes together during storm

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Tuesday, February 28, 2023
North Fork community comes together during storm
Hundreds of people in Madera County were still without power Sunday evening.

MADERA COUNTY, Calif. (KFSN) -- Hundreds of people in Madera County were still without power Sunday evening. Locals were told the earliest they will have power is Monday night.

North Fork resident Sean Beach said his family has been without power for almost two days.

"There's no heating, there's no installation, we're just kinda keep as warm as possible right now," said Beach.

Without a kitchen or electricity to prepare food he has been able to rely on his mother-in-law who has a propane tank to cook meals. Beach said friends he's talked to have it worse.

"They got way worse driveways than I do, they can't even leave their house to get generators, get gas or get food," said Beach.

Local Shawn Antill said the last few days have been wild.

"A lot more snow than we're use to seeing in this place for a long time," said Antill.

He has been driving around helping people in the community. Antill has been delivering necessities to friends, family and neighbors who are reaching out to him through social media or text messaging.

"A lot of people are buried in snow. They're not use to this kind of stuff. Not being able to get out of their house and stuff. The hardest thing right now is getting out of the house," said Antill.

He has lived in North Fork for over forty years.

Antill said it's important for him to help those people who need support.

"Mountain people take care of mountain people. We take care of our family, everyone up here is family," said Antill.

And for families with young ones, a big part of weathering the storm without power is finding fun distractions.

"I haven't really been doing that much stuff. Usually, we just play card games at night," said North Fork resident, Ezekiel Takeash.

As another storm makes its way through Madera County Sunday night, Ezekiel's family and others in North Fork expect their power to be restored by Monday evening at 11p.m.

The Red Cross will have the Oakhurst Community Center open tomorrow from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. for people needing shelter.