Madera Unified welcomes students back on campus

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ByAlec Nolan via KFSN logo
Tuesday, August 9, 2022
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Madera Unified students are starting the year with a greater sense of normalcy and district superintendent Todd Lile says everyone is all smiles.

MADERA, Calif. (KFSN) -- Madera Unified is back in action.

And district superintendent Todd Lile says it's all smiles.

"One of the administrative assistants shared with me today that it was really fun to see so many smiles because we hadn't started a year where we got to see each other without masks," he said.

Students are starting the school year with a greater sense of normalcy.

As the district says, it tries to rise from the 'ashes of the pandemic.'

"There's a little sense that time's running out, so they certainly do want to have that exciting high school experience," says Lile.

That said, the district still knows that COVID-19 is out there so all campuses have tests and masks on hand.

"And we have extra staff that we've hired through some grants to help us with contact tracing and communicating with families, so we are really well prepared for any COVID issues," says Lile.

Lile also asks everyone to stay alert on the roads as families settle into their schedules.

"The next two weeks, as patterns get reestablished, and new routines get developed, we really want people to be thoughtful and courteous out on the road because our kids need to be safe and get here and back in one piece."

Lile says it's all hands on deck, thankful for the families who make it all possible.

"It feels like to me that this community is behind our schools, our teachers more than I can ever remember in my lifetime.".