Simple Solutions: How to keep your makeup clean

Researchers from Aston University examined beauty products, from mascara to eyeliner to lipstick, and found a shocking percent of all products donated for the study were contaminated with the bacteria known to cause staph infections.

The number one culprits are makeup sponges and blenders. These are most susceptible to new bacteria, often left damp after each use.

Even worse, 60 percent of consumers admit using them even after dropping them on the floor, and over 90 percent have never cleaned these products.

To keep clean, wash all brushes every two weeks and dry them thoroughly. Check expiration dates. Repeated use of expired makeup can increase the chance of bacterial growth, which can cause infection.

Use 70 percent rubbing alcohol to spray down shadows and powders.

Lastly, don't store makeup in the bathroom! Not only can the humidity from shower steam breed mold, but bacteria particles in the air can leap from your toilet to your products.
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