Mixed reactions from Valley parents on latest mask ruling for students

FRESNO, Calif. (KFSN) -- Sara Gray is the mom of two Clovis Unified students. She feels it's time for the masks to come off in schools.

On the other hand...

'I don't mind it because the percentage of kids vaccinated right now is low," says Lucy Fuentes.

Fuentes says her son, who attends a Fresno Unified school, doesn't mind wearing a mask at school -- and is OK with the change in rules.

Parents across the state are divided.

Monday, the state of California announced new mask guidelines due to a drop in COVID-19 cases.

Health & Human Services Agency Sec. Dr. Mark Ghaly announced the state's indoor mask mandate will end at midnight Wednesday, Feb. 16, for fully vaccinated people.

For the unvaccinated and kids in schools, vaccinated or not, the rules will remain in place.

"People are ready to live their life and these kids, more than anybody, deserve to be kids and be unmasked," Gray said.

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She says if people can enjoy events like the Super Bowl without a mask, her kids should be able to do the same at school.

"There is a large group of parents in Clovis Unified that are putting together these petitions," Gray said.

The group has been vocal at Clovis Unified school board meetings even though the state says districts can't adopt less strict rules.

The district sent us a statement, saying in part it had "Hoped to hear in today's announcement that rapidly declining case rates would clear the path to end the state's K-12 mask requirements."

It went on to say the district is hoping the next announcement -- expected Feb. 28th -- will remove the mandate.

"So far in my family, my siblings that have gotten sick from it, they got it from their kids who got it from school," Fuentes said.

Many health experts say masking up does prevent the spread of COVID-19 and for parents like Fuentes, it makes them feel safer.

"It's more like, they bring it home to family and then some people have low immunity, so that's where the problem is," Fuentes said.
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