Former Fresno State, NFL player opens new gym in Clovis

CLOVIS, Calif. (KFSN) -- A former Fresno State Bulldog turned NFL player is taking action to help you knock out your fitness goals.

The Central Valley's newest gym is bringing a one-two punch to your workout routine.

Owner Kenny Wiggins says Mayweather Boxing and Fitness in Clovis wants to make sure you go 50 and 0 with your fitness goals.

"It's a 45-minute high-intensity workout, so you get in what you put out. I burn anywhere from 700-900 calories," Wiggins said.

The former offensive lineman for Fresno State spent more than a decade playing in the NFL. While playing with Detroit, Wiggins was introduced to the gym that he says the Valley needed.

"There's nothing like this in the Central Valley. It's so new and so fun," he said. "Four different types of heavy bags, buddy stations, battle ropes, free weights, treadmills, towers, all kinds of stuff. All the stuff Floyd used to train for his 50 fights."

"It's so much more than just fitness. It's a mental escape. It's more for building up that positivity or community were here to support you and whatever goals you want to reach," said head instructor Catalina Calderon-Power.

Whether it's the 45 or 60-minute championship class, you work your way through eight stations.

Each week, the class centers around one of Mayweather's 50 undefeated fights.

Calderon-Power says whether you're an amateur boxer or a first-timer, the workouts cater to all skill levels.

Adding that fitness has just as much to do with mental strength as it does physical.

"This was Mitchell and Mayweather's fight, but what is yours? Is it your health? Is it to get better in fitness? Is it just to prove to yourself you can go one more round?" Calderon-Power said.

The doors Mayweather Boxing and Fitness may have just opened, but they already have their sights set on expansion. The plan is to have a second location up and running in Fresno by the end of the year.

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