Planada businesses trying to stay afloat after flood

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Thursday, January 19, 2023
Planada businesses trying to stay afloat after flood
There are shelves that are empty at Mercado Latino in Planada after some inventory was damaged from last week's storm.

MERCED COUNTY, Calif. (KFSN) -- There are shelves that are empty at Mercado Latino, a grocery store in Planada, after some inventory was damaged by last week's storm.

The owner said about a foot of water made its way into the building.

"It's just crazy to see how much water could ruin so much product," said Marlene Chavez, a cashier at the store.

Chavez has worked at Mercado Latino for about one year. She says the store has been open since Saturday, welcoming customers back in.

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"They're glad the store is back open cause there wasn't many stores that were open," said Chavez.

The store manager says they have taken about a $100,000 loss because of flood damage. It's similar story at Broadway Market.

The store manager shared they have about $50,000 worth of damage from flooding.

The owner said they had to throw all the deli meat and inventory. The meat alone was worth about $6,000.

Although the community has lost so much, there are business owners in Planada stepping up.

Tony Vazquez has owned Uppercuttz Barber in Planada for about seven years. He's called out to friends and family to donate supplies.

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"This past weekend we were able to donate about four and a half to five pallets of water along with essentials," said Vasquez.

But he's not done helping.

"Right now, my car is full of supplies and as soon as I'm done with all the haircuts and stuff like that, I'm going straight over there and handing it all out again," said Vasquez.

He said with everyone coming together, Vasquez hopes people in Planada will be back on their feet sooner than later.