Visalia woman says service dog stolen from front yard

It's been one week since she went missing, and 19-year-old Carmen Ponce remains determined to find her service dog Remy, an 11-month-old Husky.

Remy is her constant companion, helping her cope with depression, anxiety, and the death of her dad.

"She knows how to sit, stand, close doors, turn off lights," Ponce said. "She knows how to open the fridge, get you a water bottle, she knows how to fetch, she knows how to go down, roll, anything you can think of, she knows how to do."

She also knows to come back inside after relieving herself in the front yard.

But Ponce says that didn't happen last Tuesday morning.

She knows Remy wouldn't run away, so she thinks someone stole her.

A neighbor said she saw a suspicious truck in the area, but there haven't been any other clues.

Ponce has posted pictures around Visalia and online, knocked on doors, and is now offering a $1,000 reward for Remy's return.

Remy is short, black and white, but has tan on her hind legs and a crooked front left paw.

"Just not knowing if she's ok or not and who has her or what their intentions are, it sucks," Ponce said. "I got her for anxiety, and her missing, and me not knowing if she is ok is giving me more anxiety."

The highlight of Ponce's day was coming home to Remy, who would always make her laugh and comfort her when she cried.

If someone has her, Ponce hopes they return her, because Remy is more than a dog.

She's a friend, and a healer.

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