New building coming to Fresno allows you to work and live in same place

Business center 770 East Shaw Avenue in Northeast Fresno is in the process of evolving.

They are working on converting the complex into a place where people can work from home or live at work.

"People can come, work, be efficient and we think that would work perfectly with their living arrangements," said Tomas Morales compliance specialist.

Similar concepts exist in downtown areas, but Morales said what sets them apart is their location and customization.

They are right off of Shaw across the street from Fashion Fair Mall.

"it is ideal for entrepreneurs, for medical and small office personnel and for people who really care about leaving a smaller footprint," he said.

Each unit will be custom designed by the tenant. Business will generally be in the front of the units and the home portion in the back. They can be as big as 9,000 square feet.

"The sizing would vary depending on the needs, If someone wants a bigger office or work area upfront, that could be accommodated," said Morales.

If someone is looking to just live there, that can also be accommodated.

"If somebody said I want an entire wing turned into a penthouse, we could do it," said Morales.

The building went through a multi-million dollar renovation back into 2012. That was only part of the vision. They are currently in the final stages of getting the appropriate permitting. Prices will vary depending on floor plan, but Morales says they'll be competitive.

To learn more about the 770 East Shaw Avenue click here.
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