Tips to achieve your New Year's resolutions

FRESNO, Calif. (KFSN) -- It's a New Year, could there be a new you? Valley residents made a lot of different resolutions to kick off 2015.

At GB3 in Northwest Fresno, Robert Kwiatkowski saw a lot of fresh faces, fresh off the New Year. "We're answering calls left and right and we're right now offering a one week free trial membership for everybody."

The local gym is offering zero registration, hoping to catch all those resolution makers who are hoping to drop some pounds and get fit for 2015. "We have three free personal training sessions to keep you motivated and our personal trainers are all qualified and very awesome, friendly and effective people and we have a huge variety of different equipment so you won't plateau or get bored with exercising."

Those who aren't ready to hit the gym may try to lose weight the natural way by eating right. At Kristina's Natural Ranch Market everything is natural.

When asked about resolutions, owner Jim Belcher said, "85% of them talk about it, the other 15% try it, probably 6-7% make it."

There's organic items, non GMO meats and foods, and fresh produce. It's healthy choices that owner Belcher says should last past your resolution. "Nobody likes the big word you know, cancer, arthritis, diabetes, it makes a difference what you do year round not just on New Year's."

And the other thing you might try to get rid of this year? Debt. Matthew White, of Endurance Investment Strategies said, "Is it good debt or bad debt, typically when people are wanting to get out of debt they're talking about credit card and consumer debts and yes, pay that off as quick as you can."

White says the first thing you should do is figure out how much debt you have, and then, look at your interest rates. "Get rid of the consumer debt first, highest rate off first, work your way down the list until you're debt free."

So can it all be done in one year? Well, the first step toward your new you is making lifestyle choices to balance out 2015 in the black.

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