Northwest Fresno clinic helping those navigate hair loss

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Tuesday, January 9, 2024
Northwest Fresno clinic helping those navigate hair loss
A clinic in northwest Fresno is helping men and women navigate hair loss.

FRESNO, Calif. (KFSN) -- Chances are you've seen it trending on TikTok.

Hydra Scalp Dermabrasion is just one of the ways trichologist Kristina Sayre is helping clients on a journey to healthy hair at Well Rooted Hair and Scalp Clinic.

"A trichologist specializes in scalp disorders and hair loss," she said.

One client is not alone in thinking thinning hair is just something we have to accept as we age, or due to other causes.

"Different illnesses, vaccines, there are simple fixes," Sayre said.

Services include a scalp steam, low-level light therapy, micro-needling for growth factors or PRP.

"We draw your blood, spin it down and then we take the platelets off of that sample and we inject that into your scalp," Sayre said. "The treatment is typically done once a month, and it uses your platelets to heal the hair follicles."

Whether you want to address hair loss or are looking for a spa service, an initial visit to the clinic on Palm near Barstow begins with a consult, with a full medical history and a closer look at the "root" of any problems.

"We put a microscope on your scalp and during that microscope, we can determine what the follicles look like," Sayre said. "If your follicles are clogged, anything we put on your scalp topically is not going to penetrate."

Along with services to treat hair challenges, Kristina offers several natural scalp scrubs, as well as solid shampoos and conditioners.

There are affordable programs -- some start as low as $40.

You can visit the Well Rooted website to schedule a consultation.

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