National Cyber Security Center reveal most popular passwords

Millions of people are using easy to guess passwords for sensitive information.

The National Cyber Security Center in London did an analysis of breached accounts to see which words and phrases were most widely used.

The most common password was 123456, which was used for more than 23 million different passwords.

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Qwerty, the word password and 1111111 were also in the top five. The most common name used in passwords was Ashley, followed by Michael, Daniel, Jessica and Daniel.

When it comes to musicians that are popular in passwords Blink182 and 50cent top the list. Superman, Naruto, Tigger Pokemon, and Batman were the most used fictional characters.

The best way to protect your accounts is to avoid reusing passwords for different accounts.

Experts recommend combining three random but memorable words then adding numbers and/or special characters to create a strong password.

If you're afraid you won't remember all the different passwords, consider using a password manager.

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