Marijuana bust: 14.9 tons of pot, 37 firearms seized in Perris by Riverside County deputies

PERRIS, Calif. -- About 14.9 tons of marijuana were discovered along with weapons and a honey oil lab in a series of pot busts in Perris on Thursday, authorities said.

The Riverside County Sheriff's Department said 48 search warrants were served at illegal grow operations, which led to the discovery of the lab, 37 guns and thousands of pounds of marijuana.

Twenty-seven arrests were made in the pot busts. The suspects in custody were not immediately identified.

"So what did we find at these illegal marijuana grows? - Dogs and guns. The dogs are ok," the Sheriff's Department said in a tweet, which included photos of deputies petting one of the animals.

Other images showed some of the seized firearms, including high-powered rifles, handguns and a shotgun. Sheriff's officials said there is no threat to public safety.

It is the second large-scale illegal marijuana grow operation that the sheriff's department has busted in the span of two months.

Deputies loaded the illegal marijuana crops into dumpsters for disposal.

The department said the crops tend to be environmental hazards since the growers use chemicals that are not allowed under law. Sheriff's officials said they're also concerned with the crime that surrounds these types of operations.

"We have had homicides that are associated with these illegal grows. We also have robberies. People that have these grows, because they're illegal, they'll arm themselves," said Sgt. Albert Martinez.

Officials added that the legal crops in the area were left alone.
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