Bear put on wanted poster for beehive theft in Pennsylvania

SELINSGROVE, Pennsylvania -- A hungry bear may have had a sweet tooth for the honey at Susquehanna University and now its Beekeeping Club wants answers.

Club advisor Derek Straub was notified last week that the beehives were damaged.

"One of the hives was knocked over but stayed pretty much intact. The third hive was knocked over and some of the frames with honey on it was clearly taken out and eaten," Straub said.

There were no witnesses, but a wanted sketch released by the school reveals the suspect they are currently looking for is a black bear.

Beekeepers say that in addition to damaging the hives, a large number of bees were killed. They are now concerned about honey production this spring.

The Pennsylvania Game Commission set up a bear trap to capture the suspect and plan to move it to a location away from people and beehives.
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