Central Valley Transfer Coalition giving animals a second chance on life

FRESNO, Calif. (KFSN) -- Each month about 500 animals make their way to Fresno Humane Animal Services. They constantly wait in kennels in hopes of meeting their owner and going to their forever home. For many that place might not be in the Central Valley though, it's farther north in the Bay Area.

"it is very low, adoption rates are looking very low and bleak for Fresno County," said Amanda Allen - Community Outreach Coordinator

Through the Central Valley Transfer Coalition dogs and cats are getting a second chance, it is a partnership between the San Francisco S-P-C-A and other Bay Area Shelters. Animals from Fresno Humane, Kings Animal Control, and Tulare County Animal Services get transferred to the Bay Area where shelters are underpopulated.

"They have a great breadth of people who are animal lovers, who want to adopt animals and they would rather rescue or adopt than buy from a breeder," said Allen.

According to Allen, they've been doing this for almost a year and to date, more than 900 animals have been transported for adoption. 600 alone came from Fresno Humane.

"It is like we are in a canoe with holes in it and the water is filling up and filling up and those Bay area Rescues are our bucket."

Allen said The only way they can combat this long term is through spaying and neutering. The goal of the transfer coalition is to find homes for 1,500 animals by the end of the first year.
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