Hundreds hoping to represent their party as a delegate this election

FRESNO, Calif. (KFSN) -- For the first time in decades -- it's possible both the Democratic and Republican presidential nominations won't be set in stone before the conventions. The political parties will hold national conventions later this summer where a group of delegates will decide which candidate will actually get to run for the presidency. Those delegates are chosen at the state level and will travel to the conventions to cast their votes for the nominees.

For one Bernie Sanders supporter, the race to the white house is just getting started. "I feel like we've got a great opportunity in California to really make an impact for him and that's really what I'm putting my energy into right now," said potential delegate Yamina Roland.

Roland is one of hundreds of people applying to be a delegate-- to represent the candidate they believe should be the next president. "It's just going to be my job to talk to people and let them know, hey I'm willing to be your voice at the convention."

Each party will have several delegates in each district to represent them. The California Republican Party said it can be expensive and time-consuming if you're lucky enough to be picked. "We expect each of our delegates or alternates to commit to staying the hotel for a minimum of four nights-- sometimes five-- the cost is about four to five thousand dollars a person," said CRP Vice Chair Harmeet Dhillon.

Dhillon said typically candidates choose existing state party activists or donors, who have political influence. "If those delegates are people's name you recognize you would be favorably inclined to vote for them if you haven't made up your mind," said Dhillon.

Both parties are taking applications for delegates right now. The only real qualification is to be a member of your chosen party, and, have a little bit of passion.

If you're interested in attending the RNC convention in Ohio or the DNC convention in Philadelphia as a delegate click the links below.

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