California woman confronts porch pirate, shames suspect into returning package

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Friday, December 20, 2019
Glendale woman shames porch pirate into returning package
A Glendale woman saw the moment a porch pirate took a package from a neighbor's front porch, but stopped him from stealing it.

GLENDALE, Calif. -- It's the time of year when plenty of packages are delivered to homes, and that means it's also a busy season for porch pirates.

But for one woman in Southern California, she not only spotted one in the act, but she also stopped him from taking a package from a neighbor's home.

The incident captured on video happened in the 1900 block of West Mountain Street Wednesday at about 9:30 a.m.

Shannon Brandon and her 21-year-old son were eating breakfast looking at their front window when they noticed a vehicle pull up near their home.

A man and a woman were inside the vehicle and two men exited and started going to different houses on the street, but it was when one of the suspects grabbed a package off a neighbor's front porch that Brandon decided to confront the suspect.

"I don't think so... go put that back, right now!" Brandon is heard in the video yelling at the suspect.

Video shows the suspect then walk back and return the package to the front porch.

"I just reacted because I was so mad that somebody would just do that," Brandon said.

Brandon's neighbor James Farr-Jones was thankful she intervened.

"I thought it was great, she just scared off these people," Farr-Jones said. "I thought it was really funny, honestly, that they came back and did it instead of running or dropping the package. It's the best ending."

Glendale police were called and canvassed the area but did not find the suspect.

Brandon describes the suspect vehicle as a smaller silver SUV.

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