Oakland protest turns destructive

OAKLAND, Calif. -- Friday evening May Day protests against police brutality began at Frank Ogawa Plaza around 8 p.m. and a march began through the streets of Oakland.

They're calling it the "Oakland to Baltimore" protest in support of Freddie Gray who died in Baltimore police custody.

Some protesters shattered the windows of a downtown Wells Fargo Bank, which has been hit by similar vandalism multiple times in the past during protests.

Citibank also had their windows shattered out.

PHOTOS: Cars burned, windows smashed in Oakland protest

The protesters were marching towards the Oakland police headquarters and police in riot gear stopped them at 7th and Broadway. There was a standoff and protesters were yelling at police. Finally, they decided to turn around and walk the other way and that's when a lot of the windows started breaking out.

Multiple car dealerships have been damaged in Oakland.

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