Best pickleball paddles and gear to bring to your next game

ByNishka Dhawan KFSN logo
Tuesday, June 11, 2024
Here are the best pickleball paddles to shop for right now.

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Pickleball is still one of the best and most entertaining summer sports you can play with your friends or family. It's a simple paddle game that's a cross between badminton and tennis and it's super easy to master. Check here for the full list of rules if you're a newbie. You can also find the best pickleball paddles and beginner sets below to help you start your own team.

Best pickleball paddles and gear

Best for beginners

7% off

Launch Series Premium Pickleball Paddle Racket

  • $59.99
  • $64.99

    This beginner paddle comes from a small business and is approved by the USA Pickleball association. It has a cushion grip and is incredibly lightweight for ease of use. It has a fiberglass face which the brand says should help prevent misses and is better for consistent hits. Shop it now on sale.

    Paddle weight: 7.5 ounces

    Most shock absorbent


    Vatic Pro Prism Carbon Fiber Paddle

    • $99.99

      Another USA Pickleball-approved option, this paddle is used by professionals, according to the brand. It has a uniform surface that offers better control during fast-paced games and allows for better spin shots if that's your preferred technique. The grip itself is shock absorbent too according to the brand, allowing you to consistently hit every shot without tiring your wrists.

      Paddle weight: 8 ounces

      Best paddle and ball set


      SLK by Selkirk Pickleball Paddles

      • $99.99

        This set comes with all the essentials for a new player. You'll get two pickleball paddles and four balls which can be used both indoors and outdoors. Both paddles have a comfortable grip which is also sweat-resistant, according to the brand. Plus, the whole set comes in a carrying bag for portability.

        Paddle weight: 7.5 ounces

        Best overall set

        14% off

        niupipo Pickleball Paddle Set

        • $59.99
        • $69.99

          This is another set and is also USAPA-approved. It comes with two racquets, two indoor balls, two outdoor balls and a pickleball picker (so you don't have to bend down every time to grab the ball). The set is mostly geared towards beginners but is a great option if you need a lightweight set that combines everything you need to play. The racquets feature shock absorption and cushioned grip, similar to those on tennis rackets, for ease of use.

          Paddle weight: 7.8 ounces

          Best set with net


          Anything Sports Pickleball Set

          • $119.99

            This set is the only option that comes with a pickleball net. It's the best option for most players as it comes with four paddles, a net and four balls. The net and paddles come with a carrying case too and the whole set should just take five minutes to set up, according to the brand.

            Paddle weight: NA

            Best paddle for pros

            20% off

            Engage Encore MX 6.0 Pickleball Paddle

            • $127.99
            • $159.99

              This one is the best pickleball paddle for experts. It's USAPA-listed and also approved for tournament play. It has a grippy handle and a fiber skin which works better for spin and control. It's shock absorbent too and comes extremely highly rated by Amazon customers for its lightweight design and performance.

              Paddle weight: 8.5 ounces

              Best ball set


              Franklin Sports Outdoor Pickleballs

              • $29.48

                If you need to stock up on balls, choose this bestselling set. It comes with 12 balls and is available in four colors. They're resistant to dents, making them durable compared to most other options on the market. And, since they're USA Pickleball approved, they can be used by both amateurs and pros.

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