Protecting your pet in the heat

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Thursday, July 11, 2024
Protecting your pet in the heat
Getting enough exercise can be difficult for dogs during the Valley's triple digit days.

FRESNO, Calif. (KFSN) -- Getting enough exercise can be difficult for dogs during the Valley's triple digit days.

Clair Lancaster said that's why she's strategic about the time her energetic huskies spend outside.

"We come earlier in the day, this park is really nice because it has lots of shade, so my dogs are never overheating," said Lancaster.

But sadly, local veterinarians say they have seen a spike in animals requiring care because of the conditions.

"We've seen at least a hundred or more cases of heat stroke coming in already. And unfortunately, there's quite a few mortalities," said Dr. Randy Castanaza with Fresno Veterinary Specialty and Emergency Center.

He said they are doing all they can to make sure heat related illnesses don't turn fatal.

But the first step starts with pet owners. He encourages people to be careful with how they care for any animal that appears to be overheated.

"The best thing to do is bring them inside, bring them somewhere where you're comfortable, cool fan in front of them and then slowly try and get that temperature down. Don't cover them in ice baths, don't soak them with hose water, just bring them inside,"

If your animal is unresponsive or vomiting, you're encouraged to quickly seek medical attention.

"We get them started on I-V fluids to try and cool that body temperature down. We get cooling fans on them as well. Based on what we're seeing on blood work is really gonna be depended on how their prognosis looks," said Dr. Randy.

He mainly treats dogs for heat related illnesses but will occasionally see cats or rabbits suffering as well. Any animals that spend time outside need to have shade, water, and close attention from their human caretakers.

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