Health Watch: Getting diabetes while pregnant

One of the happiest moments in the life of most moms is becoming pregnant, but there are a lot of risks involved.

"People are defied because before I got pregnant, I didn't have diabetes," says Dr. Karen Elkind-Hirsch. "I now have diabetes when I'm pregnant."

That is called gestational diabetes. Nine out of every one hundred pregnant women will develop the condition.

Having a family member with diabetes or one who had a baby over nine pounds just increases the risk. That risk continues beyond your delivery.

"While gestational diabetes goes away after you deliver, your risk for Type II Diabetes does not go away," Dr. Elkind-Hirsch said.

To lower the risk, first, include fiber in your diet. For example, whole-grain crackers and breads, cereals, bananas, raspberries, peas and broccoli. Studies showed that just ten grams of fiber could reduce the risk by 26 percent.

Also, try taking the stairs, doing yoga, or just playing outside with the kids. It's recommended to get about 30 minutes of moderate-intensity exercise four to five times a week.
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