Get rid of all your unnecessary drugs on National Prescription Drug Take Back Day

You can help reduce drug overdose deaths by simply looking in your medicine cabinet.
Research shows U.S. drug overdose deaths are on track to reach an all-time high and coronavirus pandemic may be to blame.

But you can help reduce these tragic numbers by simply looking in your medicine cabinet.

Addiction experts say the worldwide health crisis has left many people feeling stressed and isolated.

And for those who struggled with addiction even before the pandemic, the stay-at-home orders have likely disrupted treatment and recovery programs, contributing to an increasingly dangerous illicit drug supply that can lead to deadly overdoses.

And it's not just illegal drugs.

Prescription drugs can also get into the wrong hands.

According to the Drug Enforcement Agency, the majority of prescription drugs are stolen from a family member or a friend's medicine cabinet.

And that's why law enforcement agencies across California say Saturday's National Prescription Drug Take Back Day is more important than ever.

"If you think about what's in your medicine cabinet that can destroy somebody's life. And so we really encourage people to go through their medicine cabinets and put those in your local drop boxes. If you recently had some sort of medical procedure where you were prescribed that as soon as you know you don't need it, get it out of your house," says Sacramento Police Chief Daniel Hahn.

You can make sure your prescription drugs don't get into the wrong hands by disposing of them on Saturday in designated safe and secure containers.

To find a drop-off center near you, click here.

You can enter your zip code to find the closest location.
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