Local business feeling impact of rising gas and propane prices

FRESNO, Calif. (KFSN) -- Last fall, Chris Cubre of Four Seasons Ag says it cost him about $400 to fill the tank of one of his dozen semi-trucks. Now, that cost has more than doubled.

"Depending on which tractor it is, it could cost up to $1,000 to fill it up," he said.

His trucks haul Central Valley-grown food from the field and deliver it to companies that then distribute it around the country. He says more expensive gas is becoming an expense that's passed down to customers.

"Higher costs at the grocery store and a lot of it started a couple of months ago," he said. "As soon as it was time for harvest and the fuel prices were up, it started then."

Chris says the increase in the cost of fuel is impacting him in more ways than one.

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He also operates a packing and processing dried fruit operation in Fresno County.

"We use a lot of heat process in what we are doing and obviously, it takes a lot of propane to make heat and it affects our bottom line tremendously," he said.
Cubre says the price to fill one of these 1,000-gallon tanks of propane is now up 40-45 percent.

A cost that's not only being felt commercially. For those that live in rural areas that rely on propane to heat their homes, the increases could amount to hundreds of dollars per month.

"Their pocketbook is going to get hit with a 45 percent or more increase and it's probably going to get worse as winter goes on," he said.

The Biden administration says it is in fact looking like people across the US will be paying higher costs to heat their homes this winter.
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