Meet the 'Pumpkin Queen of the San Joaquin'

KINGSBURG, Calif. (KFSN) -- Colorful and cheerful pumpkins line and stack the displays at Farm and Table in Kingsburg.

Jaclynn Fernandes is creator of Farm and Table pumpkin patch and has been dubbed the Pumpkin Queen of the San Joaquin.

"This is our elsa pumpkin it has a little ray of blue around the side. This our blue cheese pumpkin and a mini hubbard. Some more casperitas, some moon glows," Fernandes said.

Her passion runs deep. Her family has sold locally and Californian grown for ten years, but recently she's had major success as a pumpkin designer, decorating businesses and homes with her unique creations.

"I think I love that they have personalities and we name all of our pumpkins. Some are names that other farmers use and some we just make up ourselves," Fernandes said.

Fernandes spends months gathering these fun gourds and pumpkins from places like Half Moon Bay and the Coast.

She says social media has helped encourage people to think outside of the design box.

"It's kind of royal. Some of them have different color and different flat spots and scars but they're all unique and beautiful and if you put them in a certain way all together they can make a nice presentation," she said.

This year, Fernandes decided to showcase the pumpkins at a patch for all to see. It's grown from just selling pumpkins to having food trucks and other vendors on site.

"We're doing this for the experience of pumpkin shopping and that's why we call the inside a pumpkin boutique. It's like going and trying on clothes. You gotta go and find the pumpkin that fits you, your personality," she said.

She's also auctioning off one of their large pumpkins with proceeds going to Valley Children's Hospital in the hopes of helping kids and bringing the joy of fall to them.

You can check out these fairytale and porcelain dolls pumpkins.

Farm and Table is open Thursday evenings, Friday and Saturday 10 a.m. to 8 p.m. in Kingsburg.
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