12-year-old driver Cam Carraway shifts the future of racing into high gear

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Tuesday, October 4, 2022
This racing prodigy has a major need for speed
He's the first Black State Champion in California, and since the age of 6, racing prodigy Cam Carraway has dominated the track.

CASTRO VALLEY, Calif. -- 12-year-old Cameron "Cam" Carraway was born to be a race car driver--after all, the word "car" is in his last name!

"I always liked motorsports since I was like two years old," said Carraway.

"At around three years old, he would watch NASCAR on repeat and had a real affinity for motorsports over anything else. Over basketball, football, baseball, any kind of ball sport," echoed Raymond Carraway, Cam's father.

Since the age of 6, Cam has been driving Late Models and Micro Sprints. He has participated in over 240 races across the country, reaching the podium in over 90% of his races.

Cam is the first Black State Champion in California, winning in two driving classes.

"Being kind of the only African American, young male in this part of the country racing at this level, he's had to learn how to one, be more secure in himself and then also learn how to engage and adapt and adjust in environments where he might be the only person of color," said Raymond Carraway.

He added, "That doesn't necessarily mean anything negative, it just means he has the opportunity to be himself, stand out, and be embraced for being who he is."

Cam plans to continue racing with the ultimate goal of becoming a NASCAR driver.

"I already have a lot of young kids following me, so it feels important being a role model to the next generation of racers, and I'm happy," said Cam Carraway.

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