Storm brings increased road risks to Fresno drivers

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Friday, December 2, 2022
Storm brings increased road risks to Fresno drivers
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Thursday's heavy downpour caused some slippery issues for drivers in Fresno.

FRESNO, Calif. (KFSN) -- It was a busy day at O'Reilly Auto Parts in Central Fresno.

Thursday's rain brought in increased foot traffic, specifically for wiper blades.

"Phones are ringing, customers are coming in. I mean, the rain is coming. I mean that's when we are going to get busy, we are going to have a lot of customers coming in for wiper installs," explained store manager, Esmeralda Casarez.

The workers at the store can install wiper blades for customers for free. It's really simple and seemingly only takes a few seconds to change out.

Casarez suggests replacing wiper blades twice a year.

You'll know you need them because they'll start streaking.

She says you can also treat your windshield using rain repellent or washer fluid.

"That way the rain doesn't get stuck on the windshield. Usually the drops will glide down through the windshield and it'll be easier if you are not wanting to replace your wiper blades just yet, treat your windshield," said Casarez.

With more rain today and later this week, drivers will need to be extra cautious while out on the roads.

Officials recommend drivers watch for localized flooding.

Fresno County Public Works crews put up these signs around the county to warn drivers of flooded roadways.

California Highway Patrol Sgt. Mike Salas says the rainfall creates more hazards on the road.

"When the rain is out, the crashes happen, obviously," Salas said.

Thursday's heavy downpour brought with it some slippery issues, like slow-moving traffic off Highway 41 and Shields after a traffic collision.

Salas says all of the available officers are out on patrol, but drivers need to also take caution.

"Trying to slow everybody down, because obviously when it's raining, the harder it is to stop. So, the more reaction time you are going to need out there. We really want to stress that you really need to get that foot off that gas pedal as much as you possibly can," Salas said.

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