New smart gym opens in northwest Fresno

FRESNO, Calif. (KFSN) -- Getting a smarter workout is happening in northwest Fresno.

Revolutionary Fitness Cali is a high tech gym that tracks your progress.

"This is already in the Bay Area, it's already in LA, and I wanted to bring this to the Central Valley to see what technology can do for our fitness," said Rochelle Collinwood.

Rochelle Collinwood recently moved from the Bay Area to Fresno.

You won't see weights anywhere, but people use machines in a high-intensity style workout.

Brad Collinwood of Visalia says it's worked for his busy schedule.

"This is awesome because I am able to spend 30 minutes once a week. I get my full-body workout that I need," he said.

The owner says she's a member of the Medical Fitness Association and is able to be open.

"I'm being held to that standards as if I was a medical facility and so cleaning equipment after every use, making sure everyone has masks on, there's hand sanitizer everywhere," Collinwood said.

As for taking the plunge and opening during these challenging times, she says the risk is worth it.

"Opening a business in the pandemic was like 'are you serious, what are you thinking?' But I think it is why not start and show people that health is important and give them an environment where they can come and feel safe," Collinwood said.

The cost starts at $240 a month for weekly lessons.
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