Popular Fresno trainer spreading awareness following breast cancer diagnosis

FRESNO, Calif. (KFSN) -- A popular trainer has decided to share a very personal health challenge - one which details her battle with breast cancer.

The energy Rhonda Murphy poured in her Workout Wednesday segments for over 20 years on ABC30 motivated us to get into better shape.

Now, Rhonda urged women not to miss their mammogram appointments because of a recent Stage 1, Grade 3 breast cancer diagnosis.

Murphy explained, "I do have Stage One, which is awesome. But the bad part is it's the type that is very aggressive. I started my first chemo last Tuesday. Hence the haircut because all of this hair is going to go bye-bye."

Murphy never felt any lumps.

This energetic trainer who teaches people how to live a healthier life is now scheduled to undergo six treatments of chemotherapy, followed by surgery and then radiation.

Murphy said, "I'm a health expert but again, this thing, cancer, it does not discriminate. It's an equal opportunity crusher."

Rhonda wanted to share her story to make sure women aren't skipping their regular medical checkups, which could save their lives.

She said, "The biggest thing, Dale, if I can get people to understand, if you take those exams, I could save one person. Could that be amazing if I could save one person?"

Rhonda's many friends and supporters have now started a GoFund me page to help her with medical expenses. Friends and family are also hosting a taco dinner fundraiser to help raise money for Murphey's medical expenses. Dinner plates are $10 and will be available for pick up on March 20 from 10:00 am to 5:00 pm.

Murphy tearfully said, "It is unbelievable. I got to tell you, I didn't know I had that many friends. It's amazing and I'm so thankful. I got some incredible people in my corner."

Murphy will take on this challenge as she does everything in life - full speed ahead.
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