Catholic high school counselor to lose job over same-sex marriage

Wednesday, March 27, 2019
Catholic school counselor Lynn Starkey to lose job over same-sex marriage
The Catholic school says the counselor's same-sex marriage is in breach of her contract.

INDIANAPOLIS, Indiana -- A high school guidance counselor in Indianapolis will be out of a job soon, because of her sexual orientation.

Roncalli High School, a Catholic school, is choosing not to renew Lynn Starkey for next year, saying her same-sex marriage is in breach of her contract, WXIN reports.

"It's a terrible way to cap off a 39-year career," Starkey's attorney, Kathleen DeLaney, said.

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DeLaney said they filed an initial complaint with the Employment Opportunity Commission back in November, which was the required step before filing a lawsuit.

Last August, Shelly Fitzgerald, another counselor, was placed on leave after they found out she had been married to a woman.

DeLaney said both she and Starkey are being singled out, claiming what the school is doing is discrimination.

"It also sends the wrong message to the students who go to school there, some of whom are members of the LGBTQ community," DeLaney said.

DeLaney said they are waiting to take Starkey's case to court.

"A trial and a jury would decide what the outcome would be," DeLaney said.

Roncalli High School did not respond to a request for comment.