Refrigerator explodes violently, shatters 4 windows in Fresno County home

'All she heard was a loud boom, glass breaking, and she ran outside.'
SANGER, Calif. (KFSN) -- If you thought cars bursting into flames was bad, wait till you see the damage caused by one exploding fridge in Fresno County.

The refrigerator at the home at P and 9th Street in Sanger erupted so violently, it shot up to the ceiling and shattered at least four windows.

A resident was inside the home with her dog, but was thankfully not hurt.

"One of the residents here was asleep on the couch... she said all she heard was a loud boom, glass breaking, and she ran outside," said Sanger fire captain Andy Jones.

An ABC30 crew at the scene saw the wreckage - pieces of glass and plaster and wood sprayed everywhere, even outside on the lawn. The fridge was left twisted and askew, doors torn off by the explosion, food destroyed and thrown onto the ground, insulation and compressor hanging from loose wires.

The kitchen itself suffered structural damage when the fridge hit the roof, crews say.

Investigators say they are still trying to figure out what caused the explosion. Jones said he had never seen anything like this before.

"We discovered that the fridge was actually blown out from all sides, which is a sign of an actual explosion from the inside of the fridge, which is not a normal thing," Jones said.

Fire crews say there was no fire and no evidence of a honey oil lab operation or leaking gas that could have caused the explosion.

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