Seaplane lands upside down in San Luis Reservoir near Los Banos

FRESNO, Calif. (KFSN) -- A seaplane caused some confusion when it landed in the San Luis Reservoir near Los Banos Tuesday afternoon.

California State Parks officials say the reservoir was not the intended landing place for the privately owned plane. Authorities learned the pilot landed there by mistake and it was not an emergency landing.

The pilot failed to deploy the pontoons upon landing, causing the plane to land upside down in the water, park officials said. The pilot was not injured.

Officials with the Department of Fish and Wildlife responded to the scene, and are responsible for removing the plane from the reservoir. California State Parks says the aircraft has not caused a hazard to the water.

The incident is under investigation by the California State Parks. They will determine whether charges will be filed.

Crews are waiting for clearance from the FAA to move the plane. Another pilot has been brought in, and with the help of officials, will attempt to flip the aircraft right side up to fly it out.
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