People are spending more this Halloween to dress and look like their favorite characters

FRESNO, Calif. (KFSN) -- The Flores family of Fresno is searching for the right wig to add to this year's Halloween costume.

"Her and her sister are going to be the shining twins and me and my husband are going to be the mom and dad," said Naomi Flores, customer.

According to the National Retail Federation people are expected to spend $8.4 billion on Halloween decor and costumes-- that is the highest in years.

At Halloween Spirit in Northeast Fresno, manager Derrick West said they are seeing that bump too.

"You can see a jump in sales just because it being a weekend before. We had one weekend before and it's two weekends so everybody has a chance to do a couple more parties than they normally go to."

This year's most Popular Costumes follow movies like Suicide Squad. Dead pool is also high on people's wish lists.

One other popular costume this year is politics-- the Donald and Hillary making Hilary great again. The store is stocked with the candidates and the parties mascots.

"It's interesting to see when in at the register. They always have an explanation as to why they're buying it. I'm like hey I'm not judging anybody. I just put it in the bag," said West.

So who's winning? It seems Hilary may have the edge.

"Maybe just a little bit, by a suit jacket."

But you can't forget about the kids this Halloween. Some popular outfits include PJ masks to princesses.

So whether you are young or old, there's a chance to let your creative side show this holiday.

"There's no limit to what you can and can't be. If you want to decorate your face or just be cheesy it's up to you, you,' said West.
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