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And the winner is...

Find out on ABC30's special broadcast of the Slick Rock Student Film Festival.

569 entries were submitted to Tulare County Office of Education which operates Central California's premier film competition for middle and high school students in Fresno, Kern, Kings, Madera, Mariposa, Merced, and Tulare counties. The competition is supported by Tulare County Suicide Prevention Task Force, ABC30 and other local sponsors.

Slick Rock challenges students to meet industry standards in the technical aspects of film production.

The competition is divided into two levels: middle school and high school. Each level offers a variety of film genres for participation.

The 2020 award winners are:

Best of Show - High School
  • Music Video - Cover: "Stupid Deep" - Minarets High School (Johanna Ziegler, Emma Lynch, Corrin Nielsen, Dadalus Haynes, Joey Hernandez)

  • Best of Show - Middle School
  • General Public Service Announcement - Middle School: "Deadly Perfection" - McSwain School (Leah Mooneyham, Devin Chavez)

  • Alcohol/Drug Prevention Public Service Announcement: "Live Life Alcohol Free" - Redwood High School (Whitney Mitchell, Nathan Comstock, Joshua Glass)
  • Animation: "Concept" - El Diamante High School (Mario Landeros)
  • Discover the Sequoias! Come Play in Tulare County Advertisement: "Come Play!" - Mt. Whitney High School (Anneliese Bueno)
  • Documentary - High School: "Porterville Fire Department Reserve Program Documentary" - Summit Charter Collegiate Academy (Kathy Morado, Christian Izazaga)
  • Documentary - Middle School: "Angel Babies" - Alta Sierra Intermediate (Grace Persons)
  • Flavored Tobacco/Vaping Public Service Announcement: "Vaping - Industry of Lies" - Lindsay High School (Nayelli Cisneros, Issac Munoz)
  • Four-Minute Blockbuster - High School: "The Janitors Closet" - El Diamante High School (Noah Lillywhite, Sam Zurek, Devin Lilley, James Hickey)
  • Four-Minute Blockbuster - Middle School: "The Haunting" - Alta Sierra Intermediate (Rachel Williams, Mia Nole)
  • General Advertisement - High School: "Sugar's Succulents" - Mt. Whitney High School (Miranda Watters-See)
  • General Advertisement - Middle School: "Rawhide Baseball, We're Ready For You" - Global Learning Charter School (Jordan Smith)
  • General Public Service Announcement - High School: "I'll Drive Safely" - Minarets High School (Cale Freeland, Josiah Freeland, Isaac Shapiro, Connor Finnegn, Mandi Villanueva)
  • Music Video - Original: "Hearts Like Drums" - Exeter Union High School (Jonathan Monroy Sosa)
  • News Broadcast: "BNN - School Threats Special" - Buchanan High School (David Angulo, Ariana Decker, Noah Roberto, Madi Barrett, Emily Crabtree, Janet Pacheco)
  • Rising Above: Changing the Tide of Preventable Conditions: "Healthy Start" - Lindsay High School (Erika Tineo)
  • Sports Highlights: "Cowhide" - Mt. Whitney High School (Miranda Watters-See)
  • Suicide Prevention Public Service Announcement: "Hope" - Minarets High School (Nathan Esau)

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