Girl Scouts start selling cookies across Valley

FRESNO, Calif. (KFSN) -- It's the busiest and sweetest time of the year for local Girl Scouts. Friday marked the start of store sales and now you'll be seeing those smiling faces across the Valley.

Brightly colored boxes packed with tasty Girl Scout cookies are filling the headquarters of the Girl Scouts Central California South. It's definitely cookie time.

"It's more exciting and more like your mom is pushing you a little bit, but most of all the girls are doing more work," said Girl Scout Bella Kukalis.

Kukalis has big dreams this cookie season. She wants to be the top seller in the Valley and sell 6,000 boxes. So far, she's sold nearly 2,000 and she's got that sales pitch down.

"If they say 'aww, I already bought one.' I say 'one more box wouldn't hurt, would it?'" said Kukalis.

Who could say no to that?

Fellow Girl Scout Shelby Cash has also been working hard on her business skills to reach her goal of 1,500.

"I've been walking my neighborhood and going to Old Town Clovis. I have already hit 1,387," said Cash.

The girls have been able to get a jumpstart on selling Thin Mints and other cookies by doing direct sales this year, which was a first for the organization. The cookies have been selling fast too.

"Lemonades had a very high demand this year. Nationally, the cookie baker was a little bit short, but we obviously now have them. They are back in stock. It only took a few day turnover," said Jordan King, with Girl Scouts Central California South Communications.

And as far as the Thin Mints, have no fear.

"There are certain councils that have Thin Mints shortages, but luckily the Central Valley has not been hit with that. We have an abundance of Thin Mints for all cookie consumers," said King.

You can use the Cookie Finder app to find the closest selling point to your house. It will give you times and directions.

The goal for the council is to sell nearly 900,000 boxes of cookies to support its members.

This weekend, the Girl Scouts will start selling these sweet treats across the Valley. You better get your hands on them because sales last until March 22.

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