#LiveLikeMolly urges random acts of kindness

FRESNO, Calif. (KFSN) -- Family and friends of a young Fresno woman killed in an accident want you to honor her in a very special and simple way.

Molly Griffin was a nurse at Madera Community Hospital who spent her short life serving others. Griffin would have turned 24 on August 26 - a date her family has set aside as "Molly Day." Her father, Doug Griffin, explained, "The idea was to basically ask people to perform acts for others to honor her memory because that's the kind of person Molly was."

Molly encouraged her parents to adopt Paige - in China - 8 years ago. The now 10-year old little sister looked forward to Molly Day. Paige promised, "I'll spread the word about it so they will understand how precious Molly was."

Molly was killed in February when her car was hit by a drunk driver. Best friend Emily Krieghoff broke her pelvis and clavicle in the crash. Emily said, "She would be so happy that we are remembering how she lived. Not remembering the sad times of how she left us."

Emily has been babysitting Paige this summer. Emily said, "It's like little things remind me so much of Molly and it's so nice to see."

The two share a special bond. Paige sweetly shared, "It's like Emily has a Molly side to her, and I get to hang out with both of them."

Clovis Community College, where Molly's mother works, will ask students and staff to perform random acts of kindness on Molly Day.

Molly's was a life lost but certainly not forgotten. Her father Doug said, "You can wallow in bitterness or you can choose to look towards the future and try to be as positive as you can."

On August 26, you're asked to share your experiences and your random acts of kindness on Twitter and Facebook using the hashtag #LiveLikeMolly.
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