Fresno Basketball Camp at the Ted C. Wills community center

FRESNO, Calif. (KFSN) -- A group of kids at the Ted C. Wills Community Center are learning how to be like Mike.

But before they can dunk, they need to learn the fundamentals, and in this case, warming up is key. For some, it comes easy, for others it is a work in progress.

Recreation Specialist Janell Olivares said, "This is our first day of camp the kids are getting to know each other they are having some fun learning some new skills."

The basketball camp is one of six put on by the City of Fresno PARCS (Parks, After School, Recreation and Community Services) department.

For the next week, about 50 children will learn discipline, team building skills, and so much more while socializing and having fun with other kids.

"It is definitely nice to see that these kids are progressing and learning, whether it may be in their skills, or footwork, or coordination, or strength, their knowledge of the game, or even or even making another friend, this camp is definitely rewarding to see," said Olivares.

Sirena Copeland, 7, was one of the many kids who blocked and dribbled their way through the first day.

Her grandfather Edrick Spence saw this as the perfect opportunity for her to make new friends.

"She usually spends the summers with us, and now that she is a little bit older it was a good time for her to get involved with the kids in our community, and this camp is a great opportunity for her to meet new people and mingle."

Sirena's goal: to learn a trick or two and show the boys who is boss.

She said, "The boys say girls are slow." We asked if she thought that was true. She answered with a resounding, "No."

LINK: Fresno PARCS Activities & Recreational Programs

This camp is full, but there is an advanced camp starting next week that has available space.
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