Fresno State golfer Brigitte Thibault heading to play at Augusta National

FRESNO, Calif. (KFSN) -- Fresno State's Brigitte Thibault knows how to follow through on her goals.

But she's still working on geography.

"I didn't even know where Fresno was at first. It was just always sunny and I could play the full year," she says.

The sophomore from Quebec became a Bulldog ranked 2,000th in the world and 69th in her home country of Canada. After just one year in this California sun, she worked her way up 1,200 spots in the world golf rankings and became the number one amateur in Canada.

"You get a small message but it's nothing huge, huge. It's just 'Your ranking is now first in Canada'."

The huge message would come earlier this year.

"I get this anonymous phone call, which I usually do not take, and I open my phone and someone goes 'This is Augusta National. Do you want to play the Masters?' I wanted to scream so much. I just couldn't wait for the call to be over and be like 'This is actually real'."

Thibault was told not to tell anyone - outside of her parents and head coach Emily Loftin.

One of just 72 women selected, Thibault will get the chance to play the course a week before the Masters Tournament is held.

"The field is beyond elite. It's the best players in the world and just getting selected for that invitation is an honor in itself."

While most golfers would be happy to just walk in, Thibault has bigger goals than Augusta.

"Number one in the world. For sure. Since I started that was the goal and I feel like I never took the step that everyone took."

Big ambition for a golfer who's heading to the biggest bucket list item for any golfer.

"I feel like it's the most magical place anyone can go."
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